Your Highness is a cultivation team located in Los Angeles deeply rooted in streetwear. In 2006, our cultivation director began growing in a garage in his native hometown of Santa Rosa, California.  With 2 years under his belt, he traveled to Los Angeles with a dream to cultivate cannabis for the medical community. In 2013 we finally put a name to our flower and Your Highness was born. YHLA has been cultivating exclusively in Los Angeles since 2008 with a straightforward goal- to provide clean and high quality cannabis to our people. These years of experience have forged a true connection with the plant. Using science and skill, Your Highness has been able to produce some of the most sought after high quality cannabis in the Los Angeles area. We are consistently and eagerly hunting new genetics to find the next new flavor. Our no compromise attitude has kept our bar high while finding the most innovative and highly anticipated strains in California. Only flower that checks all of the boxes on our list of superior standards is grown by Your Highness.

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